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Rex Morgan, M.D., 6/29/18

I know the convention in sequential art is to read word bubbles chronologically left to right. (At least that’s true in writing systems that work that way — do they go right to left in Hebrew or Arabic?) But still, I’d like to imagine that’s not happening panel two here. “Drawing scary stories for the funnybooks, huh?” “Yeah — it worked out pretty well in the long run. Turns out kids love looking at gruesome depictions of hideous monsters and undead fiends with rotting flesh, and that’s what I’m best at drawing. Speaking of which, I’d like to draw your p–” “QUITE A PLACE YOU HAVE HERE MRS. GILLIS, BUT WE SHOULD REALLY BE GOING”

Beetle Bailey, 6/29/18

So, to recap, Beetle can’t get enough of watching from the air as civilizations are bombed into oblivion, but isn’t thrilled about being sent into the ruined cities to kill off the hardy few who managed to survive the killbots and throw all the corpses onto piles to be burned. Sarge is right: he really does have a bad work ethic.