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Mary Worth, 11/18/18

I feel like an underappreciated aspect of the two-week-long victory lap Mary’s been doing at the end of this storyline is how she keeps talking about how getting Mr. Wynter a new dog has really transformed him, because of course when we first met him he had a dog, Bella, and was real grouch. So it’s not just that he needed canine companionship to open up emotionally, it’s that he needed the right dog. Mary Worth definitely killed Bella, is what I’m saying.

Six Chix, 11/18/18

Say, have you ever gone to an art museum and wanted someplace to stash your coat, or been glad to have a convenient lunch spot so you could spend the whole day there, or needed to use the bathroom? Well congratulations, turns out you’re a real philistine, I hope you understand what an art-hating monster you are