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Mary Worth, 4/8/18

Hey, do you guys remember the story from a couple years back about the woman who got catfished by an older guy who used a picture of a Turkish model to woo her, and then when she figured out the deception she actually wrote to the Turkish model, and then they met in person and now they’re in love? That article is from 2017, so if they’ve subsequently broken up, please don’t tell me, as I need to believe true love exists, and I also need to believe that Estelle will, eventually, get together with South African model Ivan Inghem, or, if he’s not available, reasonably handsome Australian naval officer Ivan Ingham.

Pluggers, 4/8/18

Never mind this plugger’s thoughts on unrealistic physical beauty standards; check out his droopy eyes and crumpled smile! Dude is wasted on those non-lite beers. I’m imagining the caption as being said, extremely slurred, to some hapless female friend of a friend at a cookout that’s about to break up acrimoniously