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Mary Worth, 4/12/19

Estelle is of course ludicrously deep in the Denial phase here, but I do enjoy the fact that her immediate response to a complete lack of any information about “Arthur Zerro” online is “He never said he was famous!” Imagine if the Internet were only for famous people! Like, if only famous people were on there! And every time you encountered some jackass going viral for a bad tweet or a dumb [checks Late 2010s Internet Sites for Dummies and Gen-Xers] Tik Tok, you would just assume that, well, if I keep hearing about them, they must be famous for legitimate reasons! Like they must be a movie star or an author or at least a small-town mayor! Certainly normal people wouldn’t have their information online! Why would they? Why, that would imply that information about me would be online, for anyone to see, and that’s frankly horrifying!

Dennis the Menace, 4/12/19

OK, so, we joke a lot, but, “Oh, so you won’t let me bring my dog into this restaurant? Well, guess what, buddy: you’re my dog now” is profoundly menacing.