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Mary Worth, 5/9/19

Gotta appreciate the efficient storytelling in today’s Mary Worth! Estelle’s unkempt hair and vague reference to the “several” days it’s been since she heard from “Arthur” let us know that she’s entered a sort of sad fugue state, not bathing or leaving the apartment or talking to anyone other than her only mildly interested cat. I just want to point out that, now that you can get staples like CAT CHOW delivered to your door by Amazon, Estelle could keep this up for weeks, becoming a Miss Havisham of the condo complex, until Mary or Toby finally get bored with whatever they’re up to and decide to check on her.

Dustin, 5/9/19

So for those of you who aren’t, like me, getting really drawn into learning about and immediately disliking the minutia of Dustin, this lady here works at Dustin’s temp agency, and she’s always trying to find temp assignments for him but he keeps screwing them up and getting fired because ha ha millennials, amiright? Anyway, today she doesn’t like Siri because … get this … it doesn’t understand sarcasm! This joke probably would’ve landed better if we had seen her attempting to look something up sarcastically, like “Hey Siri, find me a job for my favorite client, the extremely task-oriented and reliable Dustin,” but I get that all that dialogue would take away from three solid panels of a lady looking at her phone while a dude looks at her from the other side of a desk.