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Six Chix, 6/11/19

Look, guys, this is Josh, your atheist Jewish pal here, telling you that Christian cultural signifiers are deeply embedded in American society but if you, personally, want to play with them in your art or narrative, it would help you to … understand them? Like, for instance, the phrase “born again” is almost exclusively associated with Evangelical Protestants, whereas the clerical uniform of all-black-plus-collar is primarily Roman Catholic, and while you might catch some high church Episcopalians in the same get-up, they won’t be the ones describing themselves as “born again,” trust me on this. Anyway, I’m so busy seething about this, that I’ve decided not to even bother trying to figure out what exactly this joke is supposed to mean! Just gonna skip right over it! Sorry, joke that appears to be about priest-fucking, I can’t be bothered!

Mary Worth, 6/11/19

YES, IT’S HAPPENING! How long do you think it’s going to take for them to figure out they live in the same condo complex? That they know Mary in common? That Mary has been subtly manipulating every aspect of their lives for years, forcing them both to hit emotional rock bottom, until they finally reached the point in their lives when they were ready to settle for one another?

Beetle Bailey, 6/11/19

Ha ha, it’s funny because Beetle is in the military and his mother is terrified he’ll be killed in combat!