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Gil Thorp, 7/5/19

Welp, now that we got the whole Jaquan-Hadley backstory set up, how about jumping into … another storyline from days past!!!! This one is from last fall, when it turned out that transfer student Tiki Jansen was using an empty apartment as his address so he could go to Milford, because he “got crosswise” with the bad kids at his old school. How will these plots come together? Will fighting lawyer Hadley V. Baxendale represent Tiki pro bono? Or, since his parents can apparently afford to rent an entire apartment for address fraud purposes, represent him pro very very, expensive-o?

Hagar the Horrible, 7/5/19

How many long-winded word balloons like Eddie’s in panel one will we have to endure before his mother’s brother finally invents the word “uncle”?