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Mary Worth, 9/1/19

I’m honestly very excited to see how Dawn, overwhelmed by her feelings, manages to square the circle so that Hugo can return to his country but they can stay together as long as they both want that. Will she clone both of them so that each of them can stay in their home nation while enjoying each other’s company? Annex France to the United States? Annex the United States to France? Let Hugo go home, then “surprise” him by showing up in Paris unannounced and declaring that she’s his full-time girlfriend now, possibly after lurking in the bushes to spy on him and any French lovers he may have, the way only a Weston can? It’s probably that last one, isn’t it?

Funky Winkerbean, 9/1/19

The last couple weeks of Funkyplot have been taken up with Mindy meeting and learning from (fictional) female comics pioneer Ruby Lith. And what better way to honor the legacy of all the real-life put-upon female comic book artists Ruby represents than to offer a tip of the Funky felt tip to [squints] Rob Ro and Thom Zahler, two male comic book artists?