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Funky Winkerbean, 10/3/19

Hello, Funky Winkerbean readers! Have you or a loved one been affected by CTE-related dementia, and have been hoping to gain some solace from a series of strips tackling the condition? Well, definitely don’t look up what “DRT” means if you’re wondering what a hardened, cynical police officer might say when approaching the scene of the tragedy that will forever define the remainder of your life! The rest of us can have fun trying to guess what surprising thing Bull was wearing (I’m sure it’s supposed to be a seatbelt, and the reason this is surprising will be explored soon, but I’m hoping it’s a t-shirt that says “I dedicated my life to entertaining others by playing and coaching a hard-hitting contact sport and all I got was this lousy degenerative brain condition.”)

Marvin, 10/3/19

Not sure even I would’ve predicted that a comic strip might be printed in newspapers where the punchline was “If you’d really like to ‘rough it,’ [something about a character’s anus],” but now than it’s here, it’s absolutely no surprise at all that it’s Marvin.