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Funky Winkerbean, 10/24/19

So the big news is that Mason wants to option Les’s book about his dead wife Lisa and turn it into a movie, but doesn’t want Les to write the script, which is a really savvy decision because, as I’ve extensively documented, it was Les’s involvement that caused the previous attempt to make this movie to fail, with presumably large monetary losses for everyone concerned. And Holly, who couldn’t help overhearing because there’s literally nobody else in this cursèd restaurant, wants Les to put his ego aside and help make this movie happen even if he isn’t the credited screenwriter, because it’s crucially important that a movie be made telling the story of those lives that have been touched by cancer, something that’s never, ever, ever, ever been done before.

Mary Worth, 10/24/19

“Oh, uh, yeah, I’m glad that you’re still dating a hunky young millionaire! Because I have someone in my life too, and guess what: we’re going to be eating at a restaurant next week. A Thai restaurant. We don’t play by society’s rules!”