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Pluggers, 10/26/19

They say the plugger and the hipster are mortal enemies, but here is evidence that they are both part of the same majestic web of life: assuming it wasn’t too stained or malodorous, I would absolutely, 100% buy an “I survived Y2K” t-shirt from a vintage clothing store, probably for more than this dog-man paid for it. Plugger hoarding tendencies ensure that these bits of pop culture flotsam don’t reenter the marketplace until enough time has passed to ensure that their cultural signifiers have gone from just out of date to ironically funny. Truly, nature is wonderful.

Crankshaft, 10/26/19

I’m not sure what kind of diktat came down from King Features Central Command about making Crankshaft cute ‘n’ cuddly to set up the line of Crankshaft The Friendly Old Man Christmas ornaments and cocoa mugs they’re cooking up, but it’s gonna take more than him gazing contentedly at some marshmallows to make up for literally 32 years of a strip where the central joke, hammered home over and over again, was “good lord, Ed Crankshaft is a tremendous asshole.”