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Dick Tracy, 10/13/19

Good on Dick Tracy for raising awareness about this strange cancer cluster, but, uh, it’s weird that this epidemiological problem is being treated as a crime that Dick and the MCU can crack if they just get the right clue or lead from a concerned citizen! I guess if this leads to Dick gunning down the CEO of a polluting chemical company whose head is shaped like a benzene molecule, I can’t complain.

Mother Goose and Grimm, 10/13/19

Not sure which wizened fortune-telling crone I managed to annoy enough that now I’m cursed to be the guy who has to report on it when a syndicated newspaper comic, formerly the most family-friendly form of mass-produced entertainment out there, does a joke about piss stuff, but anyway, here’s a Mother Goose and Grimm where there’s just, like, a big puddle of yellow piss, right where God and everyone can see it, and I know what you’re thinking: “Oh, it’s dog piss, that’s not so bad,” but I dunno, man, the dog can talk. He can talk, you know? I think if you know how to talk you should be able to piss in a toilet. Just my take.