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Dustin, 10/12/19

I’ve decided that the key to enjoying Dustin is to ignore its ostensible “hook” as a comic about the generational friction between millennials and boomers, because in that frame it comes off as an annoying exercise in shitting on young people in general; instead, I’m just going to treat it as the story of one particular millennial, the title character, who pretty much sucks ass. With that mindset, today’s strip, in which an grown adult is playing catch with a child to whom he’s not related, and then his mother comes by and humiliates him in front of that child, is particularly enjoyable.

Funky Winkerbean, 10/12/19

You ever notice how in the original, funny Funky Winkerbean strips, there’s lots of silly, overblown conflict, but in the current, depressing iteration of the strip, everyone is for the most part very tender with one another, maybe passive aggressive at worst? I guess living with the spectre of death looming over you at all times really does improve your behavior.