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Hi and Lois, 6/15/20

An aspect of Hi and Lois I’ve always enjoyed is how Irma and Thirsty are the Goofuses to the title couple’s Gallants. Like, they live in the same neighborhood, have the same class positioning (Thirsty and Hi are coworkers at the same generic white-collar office!) but the Thurstons always seem much worse off, financially and, of course, emotionally. Look at Irma! Look at how haggard she looks. “Why do we need wine at the book club?” she’s asking, because she’s clearly been drinking all day.

Beetle Bailey, 6/15/20

Too many people won’t read print media any more and it’s a damn shame! They’re missing out on vital news stories such as “People Like Dogs.” Oh, sorry, you need to phrase that with journalistic objectivity: “People Like Dogs, Some Say”.

Mark Trail, 6/15/20

“Other times they just get straight-up eaten by a bear! Yes, life is a rich tapestry.”