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Beetle Bailey, 7/17/20

You don’t often see Sarge and Cookie in the strip right next to each other, for the obvious reason that they’re clearly based on the same character model with ony very minor differences, and you don’t necessarily want to draw attention to that fact. Still, today’s strip kind of works because their similarities actually help you see the emotional journey they’re both on. In panel one, the spaghetti dinner has brought near identical expressions of joy to both their faces — but for very different reasons, as we soon learn. While Cookie is still beatific in panel two at the thought that he’s helped two souls in love together, Sarge as more troubled, both because he generally finds romance disturbing and distasteful and because he didn’t get his big plate of yummy spaghetti.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 7/17/20

Sure, one of the main themes of this strip is that Snuffy rejects God and cares more about his passing pleasures than the economic well-being of his family, but it’s rare that you see that spelled out quite so explicitly as in today’s installment.