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Dick Tracy, 11/11/20

I gotta tell you, I’ve been extremely uninterested in this Dick Tracy plot so far, which has involved … poison gas? A couple new weirdo criminals (“Daisy” and “Yeti”) whose gimmicks don’t really seem to sync up? Enh. But I am a fickle Comics Curmudgeon, faithful readers, and everything about today’s strip delights me. The sudden pivot to meteorite theft? The idea that there’s some kind of lucrative black market for meteorites out there? The managing editor at the The Daily deciding that there should be a front page banner headline about a new meteorite exhibit at the museum, and that the approximate dollar value of the meteorite is the most important thing to emphasize in said banner headline? The gratuitious slam on Daisy’s literacy? It’s all perfect and delightful, and I hope for more of this and less of the stuff that I already can’t really remember very clearly and cannot be bothered to go read again to make sure I got the details right in this post.

Gil Thorp, 11/11/20

Gil Thorp, meanwhile, has finally reached that all-important point in every storyline where Gil can no longer ignore the increasingly dumb antics that his student-athletes have gotten up to so far this semester. Today’s he’s decided to deal with the current set of problem children by yelling at them and, you know what? Fair.