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Mary Worth, 12/15/20

Mary’s advice to Tommy was basically just to keep doing the good stuff he was doing and not give up on himself, and that positive things would come of that. She didn’t promise that Brandy would take him back as a result, but now that Tommy’s come bearing good news and the raw material for salmon squares, Mary wants all the specifics. She has advice-giving metrics she needs to hit, and she needs hard data on relationship re-engagement for the Q4’20 PowerPoint she’s putting together for her presentation to the board.

Gil Thorp, 12/15/20

Ah yes, it’s the most sacred moment in any Gil Thorp storyline: the Ceremonial Rattling Off Of The Names. Sometimes this is just an excuse for the strip to later on be like “we did too tell you who all these people are, you can’t complain just because our sports action is wholly baffling,” but sometimes it’s an opportunity to set up the important characters for the coming storylines. Like this Doug Guthrie fella! Turns out that he’s good at basketball but won’t fully pay attention to Coaches Gil and Kaz just because they’re “boring” and “spend all day in their office yelling names at each other.” Hopefully this twerp will get his priorities in order, and soon!

Dick Tracy, 12/15/20

This is an honestly very educational strip about what happens in an underground marketplace where there’s no set of shared best practices for industry professionals and no universally trusted third-party regulatory body with jurisdiction over product labelling. Anyway, when it comes to people who probably won’t notice or react badly if they do notice when you sell them a somewhat smaller amount of merchandise than what you originally promised for a set price, definitely cocaine addicts are the first group that I think of.