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Dennis the Menace, 12/22/20

Which interpretation of this scene do you find more menacing? That Henry and Alice put Dennis up to this, thinking “Ha ha, here’s this mall Santa probably hasn’t heard before! 2020, amiright?” Or that they put Dennis up to this, thinking “Well, we’ve tried everything else. Maybe that guy down at the mall really is Santa, or maybe he can talk to the real Santa, like he always tells Dennis. It’s worth a shot, right? Anything’s worth a shot at this point! Haha, 2020, amiright?”

Funky Winkerbean, 12/22/20

When Harry Dinkle finally, inevitably, dies — an event that will no doubt be equal parts mawkish, ironic, and ham-handed — I certainly hope that Becky stalks into his room at the hospice and hisses “Whatever else I’ve done, old man, at least I was never a Hitler to your Bismark,” to the confusion and consternation of his assembled family and loved ones.