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Mary Worth, 2/25/21

Yeah, Saul, your life sure is a roller-coaster, isn’t it? You know, it’s always something! Either Mary’s coming by to force some horrible leftovers on you, or, uh, well, that’s pretty much it, as you don’t really interact much with anyone else in your condo complex. Say, what do you think Eve’s up to? Oh, did her dog get scared by the thunder and run away, giving you an opportunity for much needed human interaction? That’s wonderf– I mean, that’s horrible! Horrible!

Crankshaft, 2/25/21

An earlier post on this blog predicted that Crankshaft, the title character of the comic strip Crankshaft, would serve the role of the “holy fool” in this plotline, judging an uncarved block of ice to be truly the most profound work of art of all. Instead, he will be playing the part of the “wise simpleton,” seeing through the bullshit that blinds the supposedly educated. We regret the error.