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Gil Thorp, 4/2/21

So there’s been a lot of buzz in this new storyline about the triumphant return of Zane Clark, after the resolution of some unspecified family drama, and this is upsetting me because I usually pride myself on remembering beloved Gil Thorp characters from the past, but his name doesn’t ring a bell and I’ve never mentioned him on this blog. But today I was relieved to learn that in fact Zane is dead, and possibly has been for years! I think it’s quite progressive that ghosts are allowed to participate in Milford athletics, honestly, although it seems there’s still some social opprobrium that comes with them dating the living.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/2/21

So it turns out Sarah got bored with the gangster version of this adventure even faster than she got bored with the cowboy version, and now they’re doing some kind of superhero shtick, with her as Rex’s sidekick and Buck as Rene’s sidekick. But Rene unleashed his ultimate weapon, paint, and now he and Buck are sort of ambling away and Rex and Sarah are walking slowly in the other direction, and their only hope is that she just kind of casually pull some item out of his handbag. I think Sarah kind of sucks at imagining things, is what I’m getting at.