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Judge Parker, 8/18/21

Damn it, Judge Parker, it’s fine when I accuse the Spencer-Drivers of doing a little light insurance fraud, but I don’t like the vibes when someone does it in-strip. Honestly, it’s quite funny that Sam and Abbey, who used to be rich and carefree, are now locked in a life-or-death battle with a suburban mayor, surely one of the least powerful positions in American politics. I guess it’s possible that he’s frustrated and bored because like most suburban mayors he’s actually just a glorified city council member so he’s getting his kicks by burning down his enemies’ B&Bs, I dunno.

Curtis, 8/18/21

This is a fairly typical “Greg is vaguely condescending/preachy about modern life” Curtis strip but what really elevates it is the first panel dialogue: “People sure are busy being nasty these days.” Honestly I love it and want to use it in whatever context I can going forward. “Nasty” as a generic term of abuse is of course endearing but what really gets me is that people aren’t just being nasty but are busy being nasty these days. It’s a phrase that can apply to anyone. Too-big-for their britches athletes or actors? Those clowns in Congress? Your no-good neighbors? They sure are all being nasty, these days!