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Folks … it’s your very first comment of the new year! Enjoy!

“Grandma holds her spoon the way Mary Worth holds a cell phone. That spoon is going to miss her entire face anyway, but at least the oatmeal won’t make any noise when is falls on her lap.” –BeetleBoy

Your runners up are also very funny!

“Wilbur’s expression in panel two doesn’t show that he is madly in love with Estelle so much as it shows that he has suddenly realized that, in the light of a full moon reflecting off the ocean, she looks like an enormous roast beef sandwich.” –seismic-2

“The characters are arranged in the order Rex loves them. He loves himself the most. Sorry, adopted blond kid.” –Joe Blevins

“Do you see the size of this ‘library?’ I got one book — Fanny Hill — and there’s a seven-year waiting list.” — Pozzo

“Or, as I prefer to call it, No-Tip Tuesday.” –TheDiva

“Excited for Wilbur to fall off the boat and wash up on a deserted island where his only companion is a volleyball he draws a face on and the volleyball also romantically rejects him.” –The Great Joe Bivins

“Me? Bet on my own games? Why that would be deeply unethical. Anyway, we had to cover the spread, and the over/under, and a side proposition bet about which team would commit more fouls, which is why I threw those elbows, but it’s all just fun and games. Anyway, I have to got to see my book … keeper about some things, and hide from a loan shark … gunman, a lone shark gunman, in a new game I just made up, so later, guys!” –Voshkod

“Keep in mind that Pam and Jeff aren’t watching Bridgerton, but A Bridgerton Too Far, which in the Funkyverse I can only presume is a similar show but instead of sex it’s people burning themselves alive for the pleasure of it.” –The Rambling Otter

“Intrigued by that little white jar in front. What do you figure that is? Lard? Like, dipping lard?” –pugfuggly

“[Extremely scientific voice] Shelf-stable, easily transportable foodstuffs provide a useful source of calories in remote, inaccessible areas where the economy is dependent on stolen chickens.” –pastordan

“You’re a plugger if you still receive print magazines. C’mon grandpa, it’s all about TokTuk now! [Disclaimer: I don’t actually know what it’s all about now.]” –GeoGreg

“We complain that these days our normal interactions with people are mediated by ‘therapy speak’, but back in the 1950s you could feel the thumb of Dr Freud on the scale.” –Ettorre

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