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Marvin, 1/8/22

I know what you’re thinking: How could Jeff possibly be this theatrically disgusted by his dog’s poop, when we know (we know because it’s literally the topic of like 75% of all Marvin strips) that he has to constantly deal with his son’s noxious poop-filled diapers? Shouldn’t he be inured to these odors at this point? The only possibility explanation is that in fact Bitsy has, through horrible gastronomy or forbidden science, worked to create a turd even more disgusting than the ones output by Marvin. Yes, that’s right, everyone: it’s a poop-off. How will Marvin respond? Extremely unpleasantly, one has to imagine.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 1/8/22

I guess it’s not a surprise that Snuffy lives in a ramshackle compound surrounded by barbed wire? But I have my doubts about how truly effective this fortification is. If I were leading a band of Barlows attempting to breach the perimeter, I would simply attack at the weakest point, the gossip fence.