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Gosh, it seems like the Morgans are about to lose all their savings in a lawsuit, but at least they’ll have their lucrative careers as medical professionals to fall back on! Unfortunately, Rex and June find the day-to-day job of being medical professionals a huge pain in the ass, since it mostly involves dealing with people and their problems. Can you imagine going to the doctor and asking them to look into your potential medical situation that goes a little deeper than just taking your blood pressure and declaring it “fine”? The nerve! Anyway, I sincerely hope that Rex gets a big eyeroll in right before this guy projectile-vomits blood onto him.

Mary Worth, 2/11/22

Objection, Toby’s face is in fact unnaturally smooth in that first panel. There are a few lines in the second panel, though they’re more “This is how human flesh actually works” rather than “Oh no, Toby has turned [REDACTED] and is now a hideous crone.” I’m assuming that in panel one, she’s put a chip clip behind each ear to pull her face nice and taught, to give her a preview of what the surgery will do for her once the poison she’s been slipping into Ian’s scotch finally accumulates to deadly levels and she can pay the surgeon with the insurance money.