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Is it Friday? Is it time for the comment of the week? You better believe it buster!

“Toby is wearing two black armbands: one for her job, one for her marriage.” –Joe Blevins

Is it time for the runners up, too? Heck yeah, buddy!

” Superman has his ‘Fortress of Solitude.’ This guy chills in the ‘Fortress of Decrepitude.’” –Pozzo

“We have tons of gritty and realistic reboots of Batman where the guy with limitless finances, superhuman intellect and peak physical condition has access to gadgets well beyond normal technology — superhero without superpowers my ass! So it’s nice to see a gritty and realistic reboot where the superhero will die from the infected bite of a meth head.” –Ettorre

“Criminals will be dealt brute justice by this dark, gritty Charles Nelson Reilly.” –Donny Ferguson, on Twitter

“Big mistake, one Dick Tracy appearance absorbs you fully into the Tribune Cinematic Universe. You can never die now, Gasoline Alley might end, but Skeezix is condemned to an eternal half-life alongside Brenda Starr, Little Orphan Annie, and whoever else the syndicate has got knocking around. Li’l Abner? Terry and the Pirates? Maybe the Love Is… couple can do a cameo getting arrested for indecent exposure.” –Dan

“What is that piece of paper Jughaid’s casually pushing toward Miz Carter? A warning? A ransom note for Miz Prunelly? A list of supplies needed to survive in that impassable tangle of desks? The cold, dead eyes of the children and their lifeless smiles tell us nothing other than the fact that Hootin’ Holler is now the Village Of The Damned.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“If you’ve ever wondered what the start of the zombie apocalypse in the Newnited States might look like, well, it involves students who are just happy to receive the attention, the sweet undivided attention, of the teacher, or any adult, really. Tomorrow, they will feast on human flesh, or be feasted upon. Today, they receive emotional validation!” –pastordan

“It’s Westview. After you get married you get to have ‘you know’ (cancer).” –nescio

“I really want to know more about Gregg Hamm, the legally blind 50-year-old high school student who drinks coffee out of a solid gold mug. What’s his backstory, do you think?” –Effluvius Erratus

“Wait! I actually get married and have … you know … ? some kind of extensive reconstructive surgery that explains why nothing about our faces is even remotely similar even though we’re allegedly the same person? Am I in witness protection? Do they radically reshape your skull for that where you’re from? The future sounds cool!” –Shoe Substitutes

“I resent that today’s Crankshaft gave the titular crank the last word. I would’ve rather it just ended on Lillian telling him he’s irritating. In fact, in place of a ‘joke,’ I’d love it if from now on Crankshaft ended with another character telling him ‘You’re annoying,’ ‘No one likes you,’ ‘We all want you dead,’ ‘You suck,’ etc.” –jenna

“At first this looks like just a harmless pun, but if you look closer at Leroy’s mouth you’ll see that he’s belching that entire sentence.” –pugfuggly

“FFS, if your superhero name is going to be ‘The Street Sweeper‘ at least wear some coveralls and a high visibility vest instead of dressing like a two bit private dick. Batman’s not out there fighting crime in a polo and khakis. No, no matter how impractical the costume is, he’s wearing the goddamned gimmick with pride.” –Tabby Lavalamp

What am I gonna do with this broom? I’ll tell you. I’m going to mildly annoy you with it, but not in a manner that will even so much as interrupt your ability to address me in complete sentences.” –Not Greg Evans

“Before I had a kid, I might have been mildly amused by that Family Circus. Now that I have a kid, I’m just shocked and dismayed they had the audacity to bring 4 (4!) (4!!!!!) kids to an art museum. It would have been less annoying for the other patrons if they had let loose rabid ocelots.” –jerp+jump

“[Smash cut to Ian taking an extended sip from a tea cup] ‘Welllll, wellllll, welllll’” –Kevin On Earth

Billy seethes as Bil tries to put a positive spin on a bad situation. ‘This restraining order doesn’t mention the post-Carolingian downtown annex specifically.’” –Hibbleton

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