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Six Chix, 6/11/22

It’s not quite “guy in a gimp suit gets eaten alive by rats” but “guy in cargo shorts gets eaten alive by [squints] giant mosquitos, I think?” is pretty good. I’m kind of interested in how they’re methodically devouring him from the top down, leaving him only a pair of disembodied legs by the point we see in the second panel. I’d object that he should be gushing blood from the waist, but these are mosquitos we’re talking about; I assume they drained the body of blood first and now we’re just watching them consume the husk somehow.

Family Circus, 6/11/22

I feel like Big Daddy Keane’s utterly affectless face is a great counterpoint to Dolly here. Daddy stopped feeling an ache in his heart — or anything else in his heart, for that matter — years ago. At least he can still feel his head. It hurts like hell, but he can still feel it.