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Marvin, 6/23/22

Now, I’m not one of those fancy “body language experts” who get paid by Us Weekly to analyze paparazzi pics of Ansel Elgort or whoever, but I can tell you that by sitting there with their arms folded across their chest, these two old coots are telegraphing their anger and defensiveness. They presumably assumed this position unconsciously the moment they started discussing the Kids Today, and how they’d rather watch the new Star Wars show where Yoda is a woke baby on their laptop in their bedrooms instead of sitting next to their grandparents on the couch absorbing eighteen minutes of commercials for reverse mortgages during every episode of Blue Bloods on CBS. Then in panel two there’s a sudden left turn into a … piss joke? I think it’s a piss joke? He “streams” “commercials” in the bathroom? Maybe not a piss joke but it’s Marvin, you can see why I’m suspicious. Anyway, whatever’s going on there, despite mustache guy’s little smile you can tell they’re still mad about it.

Curtis, 6/23/22

Curtis, this is simply the ending of the influential 1987 graphic novel Watchmen, which spawned a popular film and television series. I’m not criticizing you for doing spoilers on a 35-year-old franchise, obviously, I’m just questioning what exactly it is we’re doing here.