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Plugger, 7/28/22

I’m just a little too young to have fully participated in Tab Culture, not to brag, but … Tab Culture was all about sophisticated women who kept “tabs” on their figures, right? Gotta look good, for the sophisticated fellas you’re trying to attract? That’s sure the vibe I’m getting from this ad! Anyway, far be it for me to play a gatekeeper on Andy Bear’s inner life, but I don’t think that’s what he’s in it for. His relationship with the can he’s holding up with a grin seems to be nothing more than “Hey, it’s Tab! Remember Tab! From before?” And I feel strongly that pluggers are part of a specific cultural and socioeconomic milieu! They’re not just people born before a certain date! Sorry to be a snob about Pluggers of all things, but I know pluggers and pluggers don’t put Tab diet soda at the heart of their identities! They just don’t!!!

Mary Worth, 7/28/22

Aw man, that Mary’s still got it, if by “it” you mean the ability to craft the perfectly passive-aggressive response to the damn fools she has to deal with on a daily basis. “Hmm…” she says to Jared, ever so delicately. “And that’s something you’ve already done? Without consulting me, or perhaps someone else who could’ve advised you not to? Did you talk to your cat about it perhaps, and pretend your cat could understand you and give helpful feedback, but then you pretended your cat’s feedback just reaffirmed your desire to do this? Interesting. Interesting.