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Blondie, 7/27/22

Man, that is a truly bone-chilling facial expression on Dagwood in the final panel. Not sure if his dream included an extended racing sequence before he had the epiphany that his opponent was edible, or if as soon as this giant 12-foot hot dog, dripping huge gobs of chili and condiments onto the ground, said, in a goofy, friendly voice, “Hey, Dag! Let’s race!” he knew how this would all end. But we too know how it must’ve ended: with him tackling the dream-creature to the ground and tearing off chunks of its flesh with his teeth, listening to it scream in agony and beg for mercy while he relentlessly ~c o n s u m e d~ the monstrosity. “Guess!” he says, as falls back into another dream where he gets to sate his appetite in the most ghastly of ways. Blondie, meanwhile, is going to be awake all night thinking about this.

Marvin, 7/27/22

Guess what, everyone! Marvin, launched on August 1, 1982, meaning that we’re just a few days short of its 40th anniversary! Unfortunately, Jenny and Jeff have finally realized that they are trapped in an eternal present where their child will always be a toddler and never learn to poop in a toilet, and their facial expressions in that second panel indicate that, armed with their new knowledge, they now have the power to simply walk away and never appear in this strip again, which means that we’re not going to quite get to 40. R.I.P. the comic strip Marvin, 1982-2022.