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Funky Winkerbean, 10/28/22

Sorry, I refuse to get emotionally involved in this sudden revelation, which I’m reasonably sure is some kind of fakeout, mostly because Funky is a diva who would’ve been griping and moaning for years about the bad economy or how people don’t just respect overpriced shitty pizza like they should before finally closing the restaurant. I’m assuming this is just some kind Three’s Company-style misunderstanding. “No, I meant close our doors for the night! I just said it in a way nobody actually would, for no good reason.”

Beetle Bailey, 10/28/22

This isn’t what “margin of error” means, either in normal use or, I feel confident in saying, in a military context, but I feel like there’s still a truth at the heart of this strip, which is that Beetle would not actually be an asset in an armed conflict. He’s very lazy, and doesn’t seem very well trained! He could probably get a lot of his fellow soldiers killed and it’s frankly good he’s never been deployed into combat.