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Mother Goose and Grimm, 10/20/22

You know what? You, yes you, have made the conscious choice to taked time out of your one wild and precious life to read a weblog called “The Comics Curmudgeon,” and sometimes the posts on that weblog aren’t going to be really very intellectual or high-falutin’ and will instead just boil down to “god I find this particular comic strip irritating.” Anyway, today’s Mother Goose and Grimm irritates me because I want the “lake” part of the setup to figure into the punchline. It rhymes with “bake and shake” but it turns out not be relevant at all? Usually the generic version of this kind of wish actually refers to the “ocean,” which is why using a rhyme like this that ends up a red herring is all the more annoying to me. Is there a lake that’s profoundly important to the Mother Goose and Grimm deep lore? One I don’t know about?

Judge Parker, 10/20/22

What’s it gonna be, Sam? Are you gonna listen to your soon to be ex-wife, who is divorcing you but still wants your life to be as boring as possible, or your former legal secretary, who wants to go after the the crooked cops and the meth gangs tonight with absolutely zero time spent strategizing in any way? Huh? What’s it gonna be? Think of your readers, Sam, your readers. They’re desperate for entertainment! And you’re one of the main characters in this strip, so you’re not going to die on this adventure! Probably!