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Judge Parker, 10/1/22

Look, Sam is being yanked out of years of tedious domestic drama and thrown back into his derring-do role kind of abruptly, so I respect that he’s resisting it a little bit. Like, what if there isn’t any mystery to solve and he doesn’t actually have to do any work? Maybe the kid did do it! We don’t know! What reason do the cops have to lie about it? Other than the fact that the tough-on-crime judge whose family just got killed apparently considers police corruption to be a crime? Probably they’re not mad about that! Seems like Sam should just go back to Steve and tell him “the kid did it, actually” and then tap out. Maybe the crooked cops or the meth gangs will end up killing Steve, but, let’s be real, Sam didn’t really seem that thrilled to see him in the first place, now did he?

Mary Worth, 10/1/22

“Yes, Mary, don’t minimize your impact! Like, remember when you told my daughter’s distraught best friend that she should change the past just by altering her memory of it? That was real fucked up! If I had done something that harmful, I would have my license revoked. But there’s no license for what you are, and that’s terrifying.