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Gil Thorp, 11/5/22

“Thanks for doing this on such short notice, Gil.”

“Of course, Marjie. Actually it worked out great, because it turns out the football team is already here. I was wondering where those guys were! Ha ha! Hi guys! Anyway, we’ve got a stellar squad this year.”

“May I quote you on that, Coach Thorp?”

“What? And let these idiots see me saying nice things about them in the paper? Absolutely not, it’ll undermine my plans to psychologically brutalize them later on. You quote me as saying they suck ass. No, wait, eat ass, say they eat ass. Hold on, eating ass is good now, isn’t it? Go back to suck ass. Yeah, suck ass. Put ‘they suck ass’ in the newspaper. All part of my master plan.”

Blondie, 11/5/22

Hmm, so what I’m getting from this is that Alexander’s curfew is 2 a.m., which is pretty generous in my opinion! Also, if Dagwood really wanted to do this as a gotcha, which he seems quite eager to do, he probably should’ve done it in the spring.