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Is it chilly in here? Or are we all just shivering with laughter at this week’s top comment?

“I’m not clear on the rules for business meal deductions, but maybe Dithers figures if he and Dag ‘talk business’ for thirty seconds he can write off the cost of the meals on his taxes? ‘So, Bumstead, about that Grumwald contract you turned in last week — has your broken collarbone healed yet? Welp, time to order. I’m having fillet mignon in truffle sauce. You are having half a grilled cheese sandwich. You’re welcome.’” –Shrug

The runners up are also very funny!

“‘Friendship is another word for love,’ said someone, probably? In any event, I’m saying it now.” -pugfuggly

“Loweezy is right to be distressed. That ‘Z’ has been in the same position all night. Snuffy died in his sleep, most likely from some kind of coronary event. Time to revert to the name Barney Google & Spark Plug for this strip.” –taig

“It’s good that Tommy has someone living nearby that can care for him and assist him. But it’s great that it doesn’t have to be me!” –Ettorre

“Someone named ‘Kristin’ from a place called Highlands Ranch, Colorado, with a household income over $100k? These days they’ll let anyone be a plugger so long as they eat a lot and then poop.” –matt w

“It’s traumatic enough when your dad goes out for cigarettes and never comes back — imagine learning that he filed paperwork about it first. ‘Daddy, we just want you to come home!’ ‘Please direct all inquiries to my attorney.’” –Navigator

“There is no way this doesn’t end with Tracy arresting the entire convention for degeneracy.” –TheDiva

“Like many comics nowadays, this is actually a veiled threat against competing comics in an ever-shrinking numbers of newspapers and comics pages. Beetle Bailey is warning Snuffy Smith not to encroach on its territory in the comics pages.” –Philip

“With the focus on Franklin it’s easy to overlook the fact that he and Curtis are ‘studying’ blank sheets. In a cut scene Franklin says, ‘So you see, Curtis, when you look into the void the void also looks into you.’ Then he demonstrated the same principle with his gaping mouth. Curtis, however, focuses on minutiae, unwilling to face the existential implications of non-being. You speak for all of us, Curtis.” –Spunky The Wonder Squid

“What’s green, furry, has three black holes and three black flags, and needs a trim? That’s not a set-up to a joke, it’s just a question I have.” –Voshkod

Dadburn grownups still ain’t never heard of spiders.” –made of wince

“Silas did in fact have a radioactive spider but refused to part with it for less than a whole cow.” –ectojazzmage

“I just assume the tablecloth is to hide Dagwood’s arousal when the food arrives.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“Nah, I’m just going to write about pizza and cancer.” –Ned Ryerson

“‘You wouldn’t think that an oral history of a crappy Cleveland bedroom community would change history, would you? But, as we all know, a comic strip about that same community changed the medium forever! Never underestimate what can be done by one genius!!! Bwah hahahaha!’ ‘Uh, just so you know, there are people who knew I was coming here.’” –Rube

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