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Dennis the Menace, 3/24/23

Ha ha, that is not the face of a lady who is amused or a little perturbed at the memory of of what went down during her last visit with the Mitchells; that is the face of a lady who, just as Dennis hopes, doesn’t remember that visit at all, and finds that terrifying. Was she here before? Why doesn’t she remember? Is she losing it, finally losing it once and for all?

Rex Morgan, M.D., 3/24/23

“By the way, don’t mention that to him. I’m not saying that I’m using my power of attorney to blow through all his money, but I am saying that you definitely should not mention anything I just said about his money subsidizing this cruise to him. OK? Nothing to worry about. But don’t say a fucking word to him on this subject.”

Beetle Bailey, 3/24/23

“Like, he knows about my crippling alcoholism, ha ha! Huh. that probably is too well, actually.”