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Daddy Daze, 3/20/23

OK, I know we’re all in agreement that the Daddy Daze daddy is deep in the throes of some kind of kind of seriously delusional state, but this is truly one of the most wack Daddy Dazes yet. The Daddy Daze daddy … likes all teams, equally? Like, from all sports? And thinks rooting for one in particular is a Sophie’s Choice situation? When it’s actually 100% how sports fandom works, you just pick one for more or less arbitrary reasons involving where you live or what players you liked when you’re between the ages of 8 and 12 or who your friends root for? And also he’s not in the position of picking a favorite child, so the metaphor doesn’t make any sense, which he admits two panels later???? It’s a good thing the Daddy Daze baby is too young to actually understand speech so his tiny mind won’t be permanently warped by all this.

Family Circus, 3/20/23

I do love that in Billy’s vision, his father is being angrily berated by the family doctor. I’m not sure if this is meant to indicate that he has an overly literally idea of how our for-profit health care system works, or if this is a sad reflection of how he’s treated when he inconveniences his parents by becoming ill.