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Rex Morgan, M.D., 3/11/23

Hank Jr. and his new bride live with comic book artist “Horrible” Hank Sr., and the most likely interpretation of today’s strip that one of the thing that makes Hank Sr. “Horrible” is that he forces his son and daughter-in-law to watch whatever it is that he wants to watch, even though they’re late middle age adults themselves and there are presumably other TVs or screen-based entertainment devices in the house. But the way he’s phrased it, speculating about the movie “dad has in the player,” kind of implies that they’re going to get home long after Hank Sr. has gone to bed, and watching the movie he’s left for them is their only option because the DVD player has some kind of elaborate lock on it, or maybe because these two simply haven’t figured out which of the buttons is “eject”.

Mary Worth, 3/11/23

“It used to be fun coming into your workplace and not doing work! But now that I have to do work … it’s not fun at all. More of a job, really. I don’t care for it.”