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Daddy Daze, 4/13/23

As you know, one of my favorite things to speculate about is the backstory on the relationship between the Daddy Daze daddy and the Daddy Daze mommy, who clearly broke up almost immediately after (or maybe even before?) the Daddy Daze baby was born. I think it’s pretty clear who initiated the breakup (her) and why (see the entire run of Daddy Daze from January 30, 2020, to the present, and probably before that too but that’s when I started reading it), and you have to assume that at some point she expects to come into her ex’s house and find him dead, right? Like, that’s just kind of a given, and she’s just hoping the baby makes it? Anyway, I assume that’s why she reacts to the truly disturbing scene in panel one with a mild “oh dear,” instead of the panic and weeping you might expect.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 4/13/23

OK, fine, is that too dark for you? Well, we’re getting dangerously close to the end of the week and are seeing no indication that Mud Mountain Murphy’s strange transformation is anything other than the result of him experiencing personal growth and finding true happiness under the guidance of an eccentric but benevolent guru. I hope your dreams bring you joy and peace! What more could any of us ask for?

Gil Thorp, 4/13/23

Uh oh! Will Coach Hernandez’s quest for revenge end with [SPOILERS FOR A MOVIE FROM 2006] dozens of dead Hernandez clones floating in tanks in the basement under the Milford High auditorium? Here’s hoping!