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Mary Worth, 6/14/23

Look, I know I have to tread delicately here, because organized dog fighting is very real and very awful. But since this is Mary Worth and we know that any threatened horrific violence is never going to actually happen, I feel like we can enjoy ourselves and admit to ourselves that Mary making direct eye contact with the reader, with an expression that’s worried (but also maybe a little excited?) and announcing “it’s a highly secretive blood sport that can occur anywhere!” is very funny.

Gil Thorp, 6/14/23

Ah, the vapecrime plot has been resolved by, uh, sending all the vape teens to juvenile prison? I’m sure they’ll be fine and come out of the experience better people. Meanwhile, in more important news, the girls’ team has made the playdowns and [squints at last panel] THE PLAYOFFS WHAT THE HELL ALL THESE WOKE CHANGES TO THIS STRIP HAVE GONE TOO FAR THIS TIME