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Gil Thorp, 7/18/23

Oh, I forgot to mention earlier that after Gil’s arch-rival Luke Hernandez had an on-field meltdown that resulted in his losing his job, Gil bumped into him at a bar and offered to save him from penury by hiring him as Milford’s new wrestling coach. You’d think such of show of dominance, demonstrating the Gil does not view Luke as a threat and never has, would be the worst humiliation that would be visited upon the man, but now Gil is piloting a tiny aircraft and has somehow forced Luke to come along for the ride, leading him to barf right here in front of the readers and God and everybody, showing us that it’s going to be a long year for Coach Hernandez.

Crock, 7/18/23

I like how completely distraught this lady (does she have a name, or did the Crock brain trust just think of her as “the cute one” and leave it at that) looks in the first two panels here. Like when you hear that a guy “left the bathroom a mess again,” you know the details probably aren’t good, but she still poses a hopeful question, trying to figure out the least offensive possible scenario here. Honestly, good for her, that she still can conceive of positive outcomes in the world she lives in, which is the syndicated newspaper comic Crock.

Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, 7/18/23

Wow, this strip really is going to keep milking pickleball for laughs all week, huh? Kind of like how Doc Pritchart is going to keep milking the Medicaid system until the Office of the Inspector General catches up with him.