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Dick Tracy, 7/7/23

Would you say that Madsen here has anime hair? I’m not an anime expert, or “otaku”, but that’s my take on what he’s got going on, anyway. I guess when you’ve been doing a strip about deformed criminals for 92 years, you’re going to land on anime hair eventually.

Dennis the Menace, 7/7/23

Not sure I’m really buying the characterizations here. Margaret’s whole thing is that she has dreams of gaining status by becoming some kind of educated professional, not that she wants to be admired in a glamorous Hollywood setting. Dennis seems somewhat more likely to imagine himself as a legendary Middle Eastern thief-prince, I guess, but not by much.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 7/7/23

Oh, man those expressions in panel three are not something you want to see on the face of your health care providers, because they mean that you will absolutely need to apologize for being a reckless dumbass before anyone takes steps to stop you from bleeding out through your wrist-stump.