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Gasoline Alley, 9/7/23

Hey, remember the human baby who was abandoned in the woods and rescued by a talking bear? Well, the bear viciously bared his teeth when he found out that the authorities were coming to arrest the baby and take him away forever! But then he had it explained to him that there are different kinds of “authorities,” and these were the kind that care for children and try to reunite them with their parents. Problem solved! He should go back to doing bear stuff now, I guess.

Judge Parker, 9/7/23

“We’ve been talking about all that nonstop for days! Mostly I wanted to talk about how we were supposed to have sex on the trip but then never did. Anyway, do you have 20 minutes?”

Family Circus, 9/7/23

I really enjoy how contemptuous PJ looks here. He doesn’t know how to talk, but if he did, he would be hissing “Jeffy, you idiot, that cat does not like our house, he is shitting” through gritted teeth.