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Mary Worth, 10/14/23

Uh oh! Keith may have been willing to agreed to disagree on whether or not society should be allowed to disintegrate into chaos, but my understanding is that U.S. Marines very much do not like it when you call them “soldiers,” which is what the guys in the Army are. Totally different branch! This is a line Sonia will regret crossing.

Rex Morgan, M.D., 10/14/23

Wait, Buzz was locked in that car trunk for days and it’s only his shirt that’s fragrant? I think I’m finally seeing what the medical angle in this Rex Morgan, M.D., plot is going to be.

Beetle Bailey, 10/14/23

Sorry, I know it’s still the weekend, but I’m going to have to call in sick and spend next week lying down now that I know that there’s an analogue to Hooters in the Beetle Bailey universe and it’s called “Honkers.”