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Six Chix, 11/7/23

I guess the joke here is that these are actual aliens? And this dude has mistaken them for people in costumes? Feel like we’re not getting enough background to be sure, to be honest. Anyway, not that I’d wish getting a beer can chucked at you on anyone, but frankly if you’re an alien creature wandering around a human city, you may be getting off easy with a beer can chucking. You ever see E.T. or The Day The Earth Stood Still? It could be worse!

Beetle Bailey, 11/7/23

Otto, you’re a … dog? What do you think Beetle is trying to distract you from? You don’t have a job! You’re a dog! Dogs don’t have jobs!

Hagar the Horrible, 11/7/23

Hagar and Helga sadly thought these innovators had invented swinging, when in fact they’ve just invented hotels.