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As the seasons change, the comments of the week continue. And here’s this week’s:

“Is this Gil fantasizing about Bartender Gal (I forget her name and I don’t care to look it up) or vice versa? I’m guessing the latter: Gil seems too boring to engage in quasi-sexual gothic roleplay, but BG is probably naive enough to mistake his dull stoicism for brooding mystery.” –TheDiva

And the runners up are also very funny!

“I would have thought that the saints would have been a pretty austere group, but just look at them whooping it up in that first panel. Fuck yeah, it’s Saints Day Eve! We’re gonna sing ’til we puke!” –pugfuggly

“Today’s Family Circus made me reflect on that eternal theological quandary: do ghosts go commando?” –nescio

“Jeffy is unequivocally dressed as the Yellow Power Ranger Trini Kwan, who was played by Asian actress Thuy Trang. Trang tragically died in a car accident. Jeffy doesn’t know or care about any of that however; he is the Yellow Ranger because it helps conceal the urine he’s drenched in.” –Ambrose

“‘Graveyard gumbo’ is probably corpses, right? I’m more than a bit concerned that these two might not be cosplaying after all. Call the cops, Blondie!” –astroboy

“Keith is just looking at the bill. ‘$10 for a root beer?!’” –Flipper

“Sure, Crock, it’s all pun and games until the Algerian National Liberation Front hears of your weakness, your surviving soldiers betray you, and the two groups parade your bullet ridden corpse through the streets to the cheers of your readers.” –Old Man Shadow

“Killer is right to be upset. Beetle’s been busted down to E-1 many times already, and this violation of Article 106 of the UCMJ will end his career and freedom once and for all. Oh well, at least Beetle will have four-star General Lieutenant Fuzz for company in Leavenworth. All that said, Zero wins the award for worst costume, having shown up in his normal civilian attire.” –jroggs

“It will be more plausible when I poison him to death and pretend I didn’t notice he died. I realize I shouldn’t have said that out loud.” –taig

“Does … Beetle write home about Sarge? What’s the over-under on the family knowing more about Sarge than Buxley?? More evidence for my gigantic Sarge/Beetle folder, thank you.” –Pistol Pete

“To be fair, money coming out of an ATM will seem like a rare and delightful occurrence to your kid if you make a habit of sneaking up on them from the side and trying to flip the card into the slot without typing anything into the keypad.” –matt w

“Just a month ago, Hi stormed out of a shop that would not accept cash, but today we find out that the act of withdrawing cash is anxiety-inducing for him! Hi should settle on how to express his angst against the world. Maybe start an affair.” –Ettorre

“‘Rene Belluso? He’s at our window? He’s right outside?’ ‘That’s the television, Rex. We talked about this after you went outside to try to hug Big Bird.’” –Voshkod

“It’s funny because he wants to suffocate his wife so that he can sleep! I guess the upside is that he’ll only have to do it once.” –Pippy the Ziphead

“I gotta give credit to Gil Thorp: referencing a pop-culture-cum-sports phenomenon that’s less than two months old is a lot faster than I’d normally expect from a soap opera strip, which would normally take at least two years. In fact, it’s so quick — the Gil Thorp football storyline had already started by the time ‘Traylor’ started becoming a thing, and my impression has been that soap opera strip storylines are more-or-less planned out before they begin (though The Phantom sure has been casting doubt on that recently) — that it actually makes me wonder if something else is going on here. Am I suggesting that the whole Kelce-Swift relationship has been one huge publicity stunt for their cameo appearance in a newspaper comic strip, a medium people are barely aware still exists, that as a city slicker, I had never heard of before coming to the Comics Curmudgeon? Don’t be ridiculous. All I’m saying is, it would be almost diabolically clever if it was.” –Morgan Wick

“The weird phrasing here is actually because Crock’s mom didn’t buy a Harley motorcycle but a Harley Quinn statue. Crock asks the size, knowing with dread that it’s life size and exactly what his mother intends with it.” –ectojazzmage

“Me, if I won some money, I’d buy a working phone to go with this vintage handset. Then I could talk to people for real instead of ripping off Bob Newhart’s old routine.” –Peanut Gallery

“Hey, Crock got something right! Crock’s mother would be in one of the only generations still buying Harleys. Way to rub it in their faces that Harley-Davidson is a struggling company desperately trying to hang in there, crack Crock writing team.” –Tabby Lavalamp

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