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Comment of the week? Here it is, baby!

“If the joke at the end of today’s Dustin seems a bit limp, it’s because it’s a last-minute replacement after the syndicate rejected the original final two panels where Dustin’s dad quietly swerves the car into a crowd of young pedestrians and smashes directly into the side of a building.” –stepped pyramids

Other comments, almost as funny? Here they are, baby!

“At least one of those attractive women in Blondie should have been carrying a six-foot party sub.” –Rex Thrillho, on Twitter

“Someone should demonstrate to all those dexterously challenged folks in Santa Royale that the speaker feature would allow them to use their cell phones without actually having to hold them.” –Charterstoned

“It’s funny because according to wistful halcyon memories of the Boomer stereotype generation, the last panel actually is how “it used to be.” See, you got what you wanted, Helen, so strap on your apron and heels and get cracking!” –2+2=7

“Many vulture populations worldwide are collapsing because they eat the corpses of farm animals who received medicine in their final days that’s toxic to birds. What I’m saying is, that buzzard better be careful what it wishes for. Sure, most people who visit Granny Creeps are dead within the week, but unless the vulture waits until all the herbal elixirs in Snuffy’s bloodstream are metabolized, it’ll meet the exact same fate.” –Schroduck

“Either Gasoline Alley is set here, or the comic just got picked up again by the Charlotte Observer after it got dropped decades ago for Dilbert or Cathy or something. I don’t care enough to fact-check, so I will assume this is shout out to one of the few newspapers and markets willing to pick up this century old strip.” –Philip

“Is that an EKG readout pinned to the nurse’s desk? You’ve got to hand to Doc Pritchart. Hiding your HIPAA violations in plain sight is a bold move.” –Weaselboy

“Charlotte, home of Giant Helicopters, Inc., your one-stop shop for all your giant helicopter needs. From the lowly Chinook to the Mil V-12, if it looks too big to fly, you can get it at Giant Helicopters! Just off I-85, look for the dangerously massive rotors!” –Voshkod

“Looks like even Dagwood is a slave to quantification and arbitrary numerical benchmarks. Where’s the poetry of mindlessly gorging yourself on food until you faint or puke?!” –Ettore Costa, on Bluesky

“The alien is the only thing that isn’t half-assed about this strip.” –Rusty

“Just once, I’d like to see one of these food service people not be as enthusiastically committed to specialized hedonism as Dagwood. Just once, let there be a butcher who stares with dead eyes as Dagwood describes at length his ideal (i.e., enormous) turkey, only to finally interject in a monotonous voice, ‘Why don’t you just buy two instead, you weird gluttonous fuck?’” –jroggs

“It is true that the ‘joke’ in today’s Marvin is so unfunny as to be unrecognizable as an attempt at humor without the use of extremely sophisticated instruments, but on the other hand, look at Jeff’s face in panel two! Ha ha, he’s so mad! Ignore the text — just imagine it’s a lot of nonsense babbling like in some European cartoons for kids — and enjoy Jeff’s futile outrage.” –Chance

“May we, like Trixie, treasure our relationship with Apollo, the Sun God, who is our personal friend and — dare I say it? — savior. Hi & Lois: The NeoPagan Comic.” –jerp+jump

“Is it just me, or do Dot and Suzy look like they’ve been topping up their juice with a bit of gin? Girls, everyone feels like your ‘BFF’ when you’ve had a few. Just stay cool and try not to get any matching tattoos.” –pugfuggly

“Ah, yes, crawling-age babies, known for spending their days in quiet contemplation of nature’s beauty.” –a.

“Look, I don’t want to tell the writers of Daddy Daze how to do their jobs, but if a baby can, with a single syllable, communicate even semi-complex ideas to his father, said baby should also have the wherewithal to know that literally no wind instrument is played by flinging one’s arms indiscriminately about, nor should a grown adult man see the flailing arms of an infant and think, ‘This child is pretending to play the oboe.’ Drums, perhaps? One of those four-keyboard setups that prog bands have? Very complicated theremin?” –els

“Come on, Sarge, brave and fearless? Surely they must be one or the other, but not both! And nobody can call Beetle a coward. This is a man who puts his life on the line to sleep on the job. Every bone in his body has been broken as a result of this, but still he keeps napping. Thank you for your slumber, Beetle Bailey.” –Tabby Lavalamp

“I am a huge fan of cinnamon buns, and have gotten terribly, terribly lost in Charlotte. I am a Plugger and Gashole. I’m just a Lockhorn away from the Trifecta of Doom.” –Old School Allie Cat

“Oh, Christ. I bet each copy is different. I have to look at all of them, don’t I? Remind me again why we taught them to read?” –Lawyerbob

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