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Family Circus, 1/22/24

Look, I’m not going to stand here and claim that the line between “saying the darnedest things” and “heresy” is a clear and bright one. But it does exist, and Ma Keane is seen here subtly but carefully policing it.

Hagar the Horrible, 1/22/24

Hey! This strip promotes the pernicious myth that the only qualification for being a Viking is that you like stealing stuff. That’s simply not true! You also have to like killing people, and we have no idea if this ex-banker has what it takes. (Surprisingly, you don’t have to like being in boats for long periods of time, as the puking guy up front makes clear.)

Crock, 1/22/24

Oops! Looks like the Legion took Poulet’s pessimistic assessment so seriously that they decided to fly the Black Standard of Muhammad to demonstrate that they had already gone over to the insurgents’ side and converted to Islam. Too late to back out now, fellas!