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Mary Worth, 5/18/24

Remember when we learned that Old Man Wynter purchased a headstone for his dog that was significantly larger than the one he bought for his wife? Well, it still wasn’t that big, and I hope that Wilbur plans to outdo it by building an enormous obelisk, or perhaps a pyramid, down at the pet cemetery, large enough to blot out the sun, tipped with a lifelike glass sculpture of his favorite fish (non-alive division), Stellan. Or maybe he’s just going to eat him, slurping him out of that little net like he’s doing a shot of his beloved purple drank. Excited to find out!

Hi and Lois, 5/18/24

He’s like, what, ten, fifteen feet away? You could wake him up just by having a conversation at a normal volume! This isn’t very impressive at all.