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Gasoline Alley, 5/17/24

OK, see, I get that Assistant Mayor Elbert Imeswine was the villain of the “Electric Acres” arc, but he doesn’t seem to be based on any particular real-life person and was dispatched without ever having been very threatening. But still, the way he haunts Walt’s dreams as this truly vile vampire pig caricature implies a level of vitriol held by the very artist who created him that I honestly find puzzling. This looks like the way you’d draw a local politician you were in the midst of a decade-long feud with if you were the political cartoonist on the staff of the local paper, or the way you’d draw a representation of some ethnic group that you were extremely racist against.

Dennis the Menace, 5/17/24

Normally, I’m fine with Dennis the Menace’s weird quirk where they think a tuxedo is normal workware at Henry’s engineering (?) job. But today it actively detracts from the joke, which is about how Dennis thinks his spirit will remain free forever despite arbitrary punishments, but eventually he’ll be chained to a eight-hour day and a paycheck, just like his father. This would work better if he were wearing normal business casual or even a suit, but in this getup, he looks like he’s coming home from his job as a butler or as James Bond, either of which would have a different vibe to it in my opinion.