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Brewster Rockit, 9/27/10

Brewster Rockit stumbles onto The Comics Curmudgeon‘s core concept. Ooh! Look at the tiny pictures getting all smartass.

Mark Trail, 9/27/10

Cherry daydreams, watching Mark overcompensate. Explains a lot, really. Dude, just buy a bigass gun and crash Frank’s party.

Mary Worth, 9/27/10

Why hello, Dr. Cory, Mrs. Worth; how very nice to see you again, and I’m pleased to see you both looking so well. Please accept my apologies for those terrible things I said during your last visit — I’ve learned a valuable lesson, and assure you it won’t happen again. I’ve been thinking about you quite often over the past few — my goodness, has it only been weeks? Let me just say I hope you’re planning a nice long stay. What, Jenna and Mike? Oh, let’s put all that behind us, shall we? Please? I’ll beg if you want!

Mandrake the Magician, 9/27/10

If you like The Phantom, Lee Falk’s other, daily-only adventure strip is worth a look. The loose line and saturated color take some getting used to, but Phantom fans will feel right at home with the quick pace and deep back-story.

Here, Mandrake responds to a call from policewoman Millie there, about strange doings in rustic Timber Lake: a terrified populace, unexplained blackouts, the sudden appearance of a giant bat, an uncooperative police captain, and a mysterious prisoner who claims to know Mandrake. It’s not on the mighty Chron, but you can find it at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, also worth bookmarking as a source for large-format comics from King Features.

Apartment 3-G, 9/27/10

Shear and soften one starchy, buttoned-up cauldron of sexual fury and another claims her throne. Behold Apartment 3-G: The Dawn of Doris!

Hey, I’m outta here — thanks, everybody, for a fun week! Look for Josh’s triumphant return with Comments of the Week on Monday. Enjoy!

— Uncle Lumpy